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Grout Mixer

High Shear Colloidal Grout Mixer

Designed some years back, this unique high shear colloidal Grout Mixer is only now being considered for production. Whilst some field tests have yet to be completed, its unique characteristics are likely to…

Handheld Rock Drills

Handheld Rock Drills

Handheld Rock Drills are Back, but without the Backache. They are safe to operate when fitted to the Superlight BEDROCK Drill Masts. Include all variations of Holman, Macdonald & Chicago Pneumatic Drills

4m drill mast

4m Drill Mast

One of our basic 4M Drill masts being prepared for a client here today (Safety Cage yet to be fitted). This is a straightforward 4M Mast with 3.2M of travel. Hydraulic Clamp 25-70 at the bottom and a 3 lever Manual Control unit….



Two acronyms for SAFETY. Our 4 in 1 unit encapsulates all: eStop, Override Switch, Beacon and Gate Switch.

Manual Control Units

We manufacture Hydraulic Spool Valve Block Housings and frames. They come in all sizes, where one, two, three and four lever are the most popular….

our latest drill mast

Our latest drill mast

Here we have our latest Drill Mast. This unit was built to order and we have several more in the production line. It is 4M long with capacity to handle 3M drill rods (travel circa 3.2M)…

Hydraulic Rod Puller

Hydraulic Rod Puller

This is a unique Hydraulic Rod Puller. Worthless if you don’t need one, but invaluable to those in the Specialist Geotechnical Industry…

Bedrock Drill Rig

Bedrock Drill Rig

When this new drilling unit is complete (fitted with a safety cage and some extra articulation), it might well be the smallest self-propelled drilling rig…

Green shoot being painted.

Brand Colours

BEDROCK is showing some Green Shoots this week. Customers who want equipment painted in their Company Colours are pleased to know…

Foundation stabilisation project in Cork.

Foundation Stabilization

Here we have one of our older masts executing a foundation stabilisation project at a domestic property in Cork City.

Drill mast drilling by the sea.

Bedrock Drill Masts

The Geotechnical Industry is once again powering ahead here in Ireland. With renewed confidence in the market, specialist contractors like…

Bedrock rod holder with "Rebranding" text over it


If you’ve been around here a while, you might have noticed that Bedrock Equipment has been going through some changes the past few weeks.

Hydraulic valve chest unit from different angles.

Hydraulic Valve Chest Unit

Today we are putting the final touches to a Hydraulic Valve Chest Unit for Noel Hilliard of Hilliard Ground Engineering.

New must plumbed for a project.

New Mast

Late on a Friday evening BEDROCK is having a new mast plumbed for a project which commences on Monday morning.

Close up of man sketching plan on paper

Robotic Shotcrete Nozzle

Shotcrete is the name given to the process of applying concrete by pumping it and applying large volumes of air (under pressure) at the end of the hose.