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Since 1990, BEDROCK founder Tony Looney has owned and operated one or Ireland’s most successful Specialist Geotechnical Companies (TAL Ltd). Ireland’s challenging topography and a highly competitive marketplace meant that innovation was a critical element to the success of this business. An aptitude for machine modification / design combined with accumulated expertise, meant that all TAL equipment was refined to best match the task at hand. 

This competitive edge that served his business over many years is now being shared, through the development and production of an array of machines at the BEDROCK design and manufacturing facility in Ireland. These include Drill Rigs, Drill Masts, Hydraulic Extraction Jacks, Colloidal Grout Mixers, Manual and Radio Remote Control Systems, to name but a few. 

When purchasing or hiring a BEDROCK rig, you gain the benefit of over thirty years’ experience in one of the most challenging geological terrains in the world. 

Bedrock customers include all of Ireland’s leading Civil Engineering Contractors, with some regularly operating in the UK and throughout mainland Europe.

Included amongst these are Hilliard Ground Engineering, TRIUR Construction, Conway Piling and Manning Ground Engineering. The response from all of these customers to date has been overwhelmingly positive and it is with this confidence that BEDROCK Equipment Ltd is currently expanding into several other parts of the world, with the EU and UK to be followed by North America and other regions.

Bespoke Design

BEDROCK is a solutions orientated company, so we manufacture to specific requirements rather than generic.

Full Safety Compliance

Safety is the No.1 priority at BEDROCK and our ambition is to minimize / design out the risk to operators.

Global exports

In the next four to five years, the target for BEDROCK is to be globally recognized in this industry.